Wireless Gate Intercom Systems for Home

Fences and gates make our homes safer, but it has been proven that the more secure you can make your gate, the less likely it will be that someone will try to come through it. That is why there are locks and other accessories available for gates. However, with all the added security and locks, it can actually deter people that you want to come visit you. Therefore, you may want to consider a wireless gate intercom system for home use.

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What Are Gate Intercom Systems?

What Is a Gate Intercom systemAn intercom gate makes it easier for people at your gate to let you know that they are there and ask you for entry onto your property. They can state their name and why they are there. You will be able to speak to them and tell them to return later, leave a package at the gate, or that you will come down and let them in. If you have a gate opener installed, you may also be able to push a button and allow them to come in.

What Types of Gates Need Intercom Systems?

A wireless gate intercom will work with any type of gate that opens automatically. Some people prefer it over gate keypad locks because it means your guests do not ever have to know your passcode, but you still have total control over who is allowed to come on your property. Some are also a gate intercom with camera so that you can look and see that it is who they say they are. They are easy to install and the fact that they are wireless means you do not have to run hardwires out to your driveway gate. In most cases, you will only have to plug in the receiver and pair them.

Are Gate Intercoms Reliable?

Gate intercoms are very reliable at keeping out unwanted people. This is because you have total control of who is allowed to come in through your gate. They have to speak to you before they come in. Guests have to tell you why they want to come in and it is a great way to keep out dishonest people since they will not want to alert you that they are there. A video intercom system for home can further increase the reliability of protection for you home and family. To see more about what is available and whether it is reliable protection or not, you may want to take a look at the products below.

Mighty Mule Wireless Gate Entry Intercom/Keypad System

Mighty Mule IntercomThis intercom allows you to screen visitors before they come onto your property. The gate receiver can work from a distance of 500ft. They keypad will allow you to give codes to people who need to gain entry if you trust them and they will not have to alert you that they have arrived. It is backed by a 12-month warranty. Check Mighty Mule Intercom Pricing here⇒


GTO Wireless Keypad w/Intercom

GTO Wireless Intercom KeypadYou can increase your gate security with this standalone keypad and intercom system. Its receiver works for up to 500ft to allow you to talk to people at your gate before allowing them to come through and the keypad can hold 100 codes. The keypad is also motion activated so that you can see it when it is dark outside. Check GTO Intercom system Pricing here⇒


Docooler 7-in LCD Home Security Door Phone Intercom Kit

Home Security Intercom With CameraThis kit has two cameras and one monitor. It does not use a lot of power and allows you to see potential visitors before you allow them to come inside your home. The IR camera also has night vision and the intercom is hands-free. There is an electric lock control function and everything you need is included with your purchase. Check Docooler System Pricing here⇒


ALEKO Wireless Video Door Phone Intercom System

Aleko Door MonitorThis system allows you to monitor your home 24 hours a day using two monitors and a single camera. You can see people who come up to your gate or door during the daytime hours and at night. The camera can take more than 200 pictures and save them automatically, while you are talking to your guest through the intercom system. Check ALEKO Door Phone Pricing here⇒