Sliding Gate Track & Hardware

A gated driveway is something that many people love. It keeps people that you want out, out. It keeps animals that you want restricted to your yard, safely inside. The thing is, for most people it also means that you must get in and out of your vehicle several times to let yourself in and out of your yard. When it is raining, you may not want to deal with opening and closing a gate. They are also very often difficult to deal with and require you to open up double sides or have one very large gate that is heavy to swing closed. That is why people are now choosing a better way to have a gated driveway. They are using sliding gates that use sliding gate track and hardware to make their gated life less complicated.

How Does a Sliding Gate Work?

A sliding gate can operate off of an automatic system or they can be manually opened and closed. If connected to a power supply, you can have it slide open with the push of a button. Without power, you can simply roll the gate down the track. However, a sliding gate is not going to work if you do not have a track that is properly installed. The sliding gate track is what will make a heavy gate easier to roll. Without it, you will have a gate that is virtually impossible to push open.

Maintenance Required

A clean track is imperative for a gate to be able to slide properly. You will have to keep it free of debris. A limb or a rock laying on the track will cause major issues and it could possibly damage the track or the rolling gate track wheel. If this happens, you will have to replace the track to ensure that the gate will open and close properly. If a limb has fallen on your gate track or time has simply taken its toll, you can easily replace the sliding gate track system using products that do not cost a fortune. The tracks below are some of the most popular choices because they are easy to install.

Available Sliding Gate & Track Hardware

ALEKO 12ft Aluminum V Track for Sliding or Rolling Driveway Gates

Aleko Rolling Gate V TrackThis track is designed to work with V groove wheels and track. It is made of aluminum and has no welds which may crack or break over time. It has a low profile so that you do not damage it with your vehicles when driving over and it is very quick and quiet to use. More On Aleko V Track⇒



Aluminum Gate V Track Inverted V Track

Inverted V Rolling Gate TrackIf you have a heavy gate, you can use this solid track. It can hold up to 500 pounds without being damaged. It comes in 9ft sections and works with all types of V-groove gating systems. It also sits low so that tires will never damage the track. More On Inverted V Track⇒



ALEKO 3 1/2” V-Groove Wheel for Sliding Gate Track

Rolling Gate HardwareWhen looking for sliding track hardware you have a lot of options. Even the wheels can be made more impressive so that they will roll easier. These wheels can hold up to 500 pounds and they come with a bearing for round profile tracks. This means they are suitable for flat mounting under your gate. They will never need greasing or added maintenance. More On V Groove Wheel⇒



RWM Casters 40 Series Plate Casters

Caster Wheel For Rolling Gate TrackThese wheels are able to hold a 700-pound gate. They are 4” in diameter and work with the V-Groove gate tracks. The gate will set on a 4” steel plate to give it extra support so that you will never have to worry about your gate not opening when you want it to. More On Casters 40 Series Wheel⇒