Prague Style Security Gate for Driveway

If you are looking for a black wrought iron gate for your driveway, you have a lot of great options available. However, one of the most popular gates available is the Prague. So, before you choose to go with another brand, you should read the Prague Style Security Gate for Driveways review to see if it is comparable to the gate that you really want at the entrance to your driveway.

About The Prague Style Security Gate

This gate is a wrought iron gate that is 6’1/4” high and 12’wide. It is corrosion resistant thanks to a powder paid, which is applied to the galvanized steel gate. It is very affordable and comes with all required hinges and posts. It is comparable to other high end gates that look amazing as garden gates or the traditional gates that use to be on very large plantations and immaculate houses. They were designed to accentuate the lawn surrounding the house. Are you ready to discover what it can do for your yard?

Does The Prague Style Security Gate Install Easily?

The Prague security gate for driveways is designed to be installed easily by anyone. All you have to do is buy concrete for the poles to give them stability and dig the holes. You will then need to attach the sides of the gate to the poles and the automatic gate opener if you want to install it. It is lighter in weight than many gates, mostly because it is not as tall as most. However, it still has the gently sloping top side that traditional wrought iron gates are known for. It has spikes that reach up to the top of the gate and smaller dog spikes to ensure that little pets are not able to get through. For the most part, even with the concrete that you must use to keep the side posts secure, you should be able to install the gate within a couple days. You may need a friend to work with you because of its weight, but it is not impossible to do it alone.

Does This Security Gate Come With An Aleko Motor?

This gate can easily become a motorized fence gate and it can be used with the included double swing gate opener. This does include a remote for easy entrance into your driveway or you can use it when you are leaving your driveway. How nice would it be for you to have the security of a gate without the worry over stepping in mud or having to venture out in the rain to open and close the gate? That is the beauty of having a motorized gate. You never have to worry. A lot of people also choose to add an intercom to their gate so that people who are outside can talk to people inside to gain access to the yard, but this does cost you a little more and it will make the installation a lot more complicated.

Is The Aleko Prague Style Worth It?

For anyone who is looking for driveway swing gates for sale, price is definitely a concern. With this gate, you do not have to worry about the price. It is extremely affordable at only $850.00, much cheaper than other gates that are considered cheap. When you also consider the fact that you can easily install it yourself, you escape the high prices that come with a fence that is installed by a professional. However, it will look as though a professional is the one who installed it.

It also includes a motorized gate opener to make things easier on you. This is rare. Even some of the more expensive gates may not always include the opener. Most of the time, you must purchase it separately.

It is made using galvanized steel to ensure it is durable enough to last you for many years. You will be able to install it one time and never worry about installing another gate, no matter how long you may live in that home. If that is not enough to make you consider the Prague Style security gate, you can look around the web and find many current owners who are still in love with their gate. If they are happy with their purchase, you should be as well.