Pedestrian Security Gates & Locks Review

Having a driveway gate installed at your driveway is a great way to keep unwanted guest away. You can add keypads to them and intercom systems, they can open and close automatically, and increase the security of your property, but it does not solve all your problems. In some areas, you may also want to have pedestrian security gates and locks.

What Are Pedestrian Security Gates

Pedestrian Gate OpeningPedestrian gates are gates that are just large enough for a person to go through. These gates can control the access to any area of your yard. You can use them as a way to stop children from going into the pool area without an adult, you can use it to control who goes into your garage where you may have sharp objects or power tools stored, and as an entryway into your garden where you may not want pets to go. You can also take advantage of a pedestrian gate lock to further ensure that no one goes in without your permission.

Who Would Use Pedestrian Gates?

Pedestrian gate locks are often found in any area that are controlled access areas. They may be found around power lines or areas where only certain people are allowed to go, typically places that are dangerous for untrained people. They may be in areas of high security or around public swimming pools where there are no lifeguards. To give you a better idea of where these gates would be useful for you, take a look at the reviews below. They are all high rated pedestrian gates and there are also locks that you can put on them to further increase the security of that area around your home.

Chain Link Fence Walk-Through Gate Kit

Pedestrian Gate FenceThis gate will work on gate openings that are 24-72 inches wide. This gate will never sag or drag because it is made of galvanized steel. If you use two gates, it will create a 12ft drive through gate. Included with your purchase you will find gate hinges, a latch, the frame, the gate, and even the truss kit and all hardware to install it. Check Adjust-A-Gate fence Pricing Gate here⇒


Carlson Pet Weatherproof Outdoor Walk-Thru Pet Gate

Pet Security GateIf you are trying to keep your pets out of certain areas, you will like this rustproof, weather resistant, walk through gate. It is durable and ensures pets stay in their own place, safe from harm, when outside alone. It is ideal for decks and gardens. Check Carlson Pet Products gate Pricing here⇒


Single Folding Security Gate

Single Security GateThis gate can extend from 10” wide to 5-1/2’ wide. It is 5ft high. It is made of steel and resists corrosion. There are wheels on it to ensure that it moves easily when you want to gain entry, but it also has a padlock lug so that you can lock it up. The gate hinges will allow it to swing open if you don’t want to collapse it. It installs easily. Check Folding Gate Pricing here⇒


Combi-Bolt 4-Dial Combination Sliding Bolt Lock

Security Gate LockThis bolt lock has a combination lock to ensure that only those who know the 4-digit code go inside a particular area . It is easy to move to any type of gate and it will never rust, even when outside, which makes it ideal for pool areas and more. With the 4 numbers, you can use one of 10,000 different number combinations. Current Combi-Bolt Gate Lock Pricing here⇒


Mighty Mule Bulldog Pedestrian Gate Lock

Mighty Mule Gate LockThis is a keypad, push button control, and two keys for a manual release lock. It works well with all Mighty Mule products. It uses 4-AA batteries, and is backed by a 12-month warranty. Check Mighty Mule Bulldog Pricing here⇒