Gate Keypad Entry System

For many people, the main reason to have a fence and gate around their property is to increase security. It is unlikely that someone wanting to invade your space will be willing to open/close a gate to get inside your yard. However, if you have a long driveway and you are unable to see your gate opening, you could still be left to wonder how safe you are behind that gate. Another concern is allowing visitors into your property without leaving the gate open. That is why many people choose to install a gate keypad entry system as well.

What Is a Gate Keypad System?

How Does A Keypad Entry WorkMost of the people who want to install a keypad already have an automatic gate opening system installed. This means that they already have the necessary solar panels or electricity going to their gate system. Therefore, installing the keypad will be easy. It is recommended that you hire an electrician if you need to hardwire it in, but there are also wireless gate key options that may make it easier for you to do without hiring others. If you are going to install a wireless gate keypad, you will want to avoid installing it on a metal pole. Metal will reduce its transmission range. You should also check the owner’s manual to find out the range it will work out and test it to ensure that it will work at your chosen range distance. Your owner’s manual will also tell you how to program and set up your gate keypad.

Is a Keypad for Electric Gates Reliable?

Keypads are reliable ways to gain entry into a property and increase security. However, if you are using a wireless setup, you have to be prepared for occasional dead batteries. For this reason, wired gates are more reliable. In order to give you an idea of where to look for the most reliable gate keypads, we have put together a list of our favorite choices.

Multi-Code Door Opener Wireless Keypad

Multi Code Gate KeypadThis keypad is made by Linear. It works well on gates or garage doors. It has a frequency of 300 MHz, installs easily, and mounts with two screws. This keypad has 10 dip switches and a single channel will operate one device. Check Linear Wireless Keypad Pricing here⇒

Ramset Keypad

Ramset KeypadThis keyless entry system has an easy to read LCD screen. It has a 7-day timer to ensure you can lock it during certain times of the day or night when you are sure no one will need to gain entry. You can have up to 1024 codes. There is a memory for 5112 event logs and it is simple to program. Check Ramset keypad Pricing here⇒


Mighty Mule Wireless or Wired Digital Keypad

Mighty Mule Key Pad Wireless Gate EntryYou can use this as a wired or unwired keypad. It has a numeric keypad, which can be programmed for 25 access codes. There are also temporary codes that can last up to a week for your guests to use. It is easy to program and install. It is backed by a 12-month warranty and technical support is available. Overall it has a 4.4-star rating. Check Mighty Mule Keypad Pricing here⇒


Linear Access Control Digital Keypad

Linear Access Gate EntryThis universal keypad needs to be hardwired. It works well with all garage doors or gates. It will accept up to 480 codes, which works well for community access areas. It is metal and vandal proof thanks to a metal casing. Check Linear Access Pricing here⇒