Garden Gates for Sale

Your yard should be a space that you can enjoy. This is why most people spend a lot of time and effort making it as beautiful as they can. For many, it is why they build elaborate flower gardens with waterfalls and fountains or other decor. One thing that those you may also consider is a garden gate and luckily, there are a lot of beautiful garden gates for sale.

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What Is a Garden Gate?

Decorative Garden GateGarden gates are decorative additions to a garden. They give you a set entryway so that you can create paths through your garden and gives the illusion of seclusion. They are ideal for flower gardens that may be lined with hedges, but they can also be used as an entryway into your vegetable garden or herb garden. There are many different styles available.

Different Garden Gate Styles

When it comes to garden gates, there are a lot of style choices to choose from. Some are gated and some are simple archways, which will allow vines to grow and cover. Some gates feature very intricate details and others are basic. There are wooden garden gates and wrought iron garden gates. If you do not want to spend the money for a new garden gate, there are a lot of DIY garden gate ideas available for you to choose from. You simply have to look up, “How to build a garden gate.” Check the video below for more on DIY options. These gates may be a white picket gate style that matches with the white picket fence in front of your home, but there are also a variety of other styles for you to choose from.

To give you an idea of the available garden gate designs, we have compiled a few of the most popular choices for you to see. Some, you may be able to build yourself, but most people choose to simply purchase them because it is easier than building and because many are made using metal or wrought iron.

HIO Metal Garden Arch and Gate

HIO Garden Gate For SaleThis rounded top garden gate allows climbing plants to grow with ease, but the gate on it ensures that your pets are not able to get inside and potentially mess with your plants. The gate is detachable so that you can take it down when carrying items into your garden area. It is powder coated to ensure that it does not get damaged by rust. It is easy to assemble and measures 21.6”L X 44.8”W X 80.9” H. More On HIO Metal Garden Arch⇒

Arboria 36-In Cedar Garden Gate

Wooden Garden GateThis wooden garden gate is made using western red cedar wood. The style is basic and simple. It is diamond lattice on the gate opening. The installation kit includes everything that you need to attach it to your Rosedale, Victoria, or Glendale style fence. This gate is 36 x 36 x 1.25 inches. More On Arboria⇒

Gardman Savannah Arch and Gate

Gardman Metal Garden GateIf you like a simple gate for your garden, the Savannah Arch may be ideal. Its design is simple bars to give it a casual beauty that appeals to many. It is 4’7” wide and 8’6” high. It has a weather resistant black polyester epoxy coating on it to give it a wrought iron look. It is easy to assemble and provides ample area for climbing vines to grow to give it more appeal. More On Gardman⇒

Panacea Products Arched Top Garden Arbor with Gate

Panacea Products Garden GatesFor a gate that is truly unique and beautiful, you may choose this powder coated brushed bronze archway and gate. Underneath the powder coating is steel so that it will hold up for many years. The archway is built to give climbing roses or vines a place to spread out giving the look of simple, but elegant. More On Panacea⇒



Deco Metal Garden Gate

Deco Metal Garden Gate For FlowersIf you like old world charm, you will enjoy having this gate at your garden entrance. It does not have an archway, but the style of it is purely beautiful. It has a rustic brown color that is textured to look as beautiful as the intricate details of the gate. It is made of iron and measures 62 x 67 inches and would look great surrounded by beautiful roses or other blooms. More On Deco Garden Gate⇒