DIY Driveway Gates

Hiring a professional to install a gate is much like hiring someone to install a garage door, and can be costly. A lot of people don’t have that money to invest in their property, so instead they attempt to create their own gate in an effort to save a little money. The problem is, most people do not realize all that they must have to build DIY driveway gates.

DIY Driveway Gate Necessities

The first thing you will need when building your own driveway gate is the driveway gate itself. It should be wide enough to allow vehicles to travel through with ease. If you are handy with tools and already have a basic idea of how to build a wooden driveway gate, you may opt to build your own wooden gate. This type of gate can be as simple or detailed as you want and even can be beautiful enough to rival wrought iron gates.

If  you are not creative/handy, you may need to purchase the gate. You can buy a gate without having a professional install it and depending on the type you want; you may come out cheaper to buy rather than build.

V Track Driveway Gate HardwareYou will also need to purchase the track hardware for your driveway gate DIY project. This will include hinges, locks or some way of keeping it closed, wheels or casters like the RWM Casters 40 to make it easy to move the gate open and closed. These items are not something that you could easily build. The tracks need to work perfectly with the wheels so that they do not become damaged, because a damaged track will mean that the gate is harder to open. A great option for the tracks is the Aleko 12 Aluminum V track for sliding or rolling gates.

Driveway Gates DIY Options

Biltek DIY Driveway Gate KitThere are kits that you can purchase, which will automatically open the gate when you push a button. The Biltek Automatic Sliding Gate Opener comes with two wireless remotes and can open a gate that is up to 40ft long and 1400 pounds. This would be ideal if you want a long single gate that simply slides out of the way when you get close to it and it has everything you need for an easy installation. You can see more about the Biltek here

You may also choose the Aleko Driveway Gate Kit or the Aleko Swing Gate Driveway kit. They are both great gate openers that allow you to build your cheap driveway gates and then open them automatically.

Mighty Mule Solar Gate OpenerIf you want to skip the wires and having a power source running out to your gate, you may opt for a solar powered gate opener. For that type of gate opener, you may want to choose the Mighty Mule EZGO-SOLAR Gate Opener. It provides you with everything you need, including the 1.5-watt solar panel, two remotes, and the complete gate opener package. It has the ability to open a gate weighing up to 550-pounds and 16ft long. It allows easy DIY instructions.

If you prefer a more known solar powered gate opener, you have the option to choose an Aleko or the USAutomatic Sentry 300. Any of the above will be perfect for all driveway gates, regardless of whether you build it or buy it.

DIY Driveway Gates Made Easy

Deer Fence For Driveway GateThere are many people who want the satisfaction of a DIY driveway without some of the headaches. For them, the easy solution is the 14’ wide x 7’ high driveway gate kit by Deer Fence USA. It is a kit that includes everything you could possibly need, without any of the headaches of cutting, measuring, and double checking. Check Current Deer Fence Pricing⇒