Best Wireless Driveway Alarm Reviews

The biggest issue with a driveway gate that locks into place is having some pull up to your property and not knowing that they are there. This is a real concern for people who have long driveways and a gate at the far end of it. It is the same for people who do not have a gate, but would prefer to know when someone approaches their property. That is why we went in search of the best wireless driveway alarm reviews. We hope that it will save you from having unexpected visitors simply driving up to your home in the middle of the day and the night.

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What Is a Wireless Driveway Alarm?

Driveway Alarm Wireless OptionsMost driveway alarms emit a sound that will alert you when someone turns into your driveway. The person in their car will not know that they triggered an alert inside of your home. The driveway motion sensor alarm is completely wireless and perfect for anyone who wants to know before they have visitors, both wanted and unwanted, knock on their door.

Range Of The Driveway Alarm

Wireless Alarm RangeThe best driveway alert system will have up to an 800ft range, but this will vary between models. In order to make sure you get the right one for your driveway, you will need to know the approximate length of your driveway and how far away from your home the alarm will need to be. For a longer driveway, you may need the maximum amount of range available. If you have a shorter driveway, this will be less of a concern. Either way, you will want to put your alarm away from a public road so that it doesn’t sound off each time a vehicle drives by.

Are Driveway Alarms Easy to Install?

Due to the fact that a wireless driveway alarm system is completely wireless, you will not have any major issues with installation. You should simply find a place, near the end of your driveway, that you can put the motion sensor. After you have done that, you will need to put the receiver somewhere in your home that will allow you to hear it the easiest.

To learn more about the options and the driveway alarm that are most popular, we invite you to take a look at the reviews below. They are all popular choices for anyone looking for the best driveway alert system.

Chamberlain Wireless Motion Alert Security System

Chamberlain Wireless Driveway Gate AlarmThis set includes one receiver and one sensor. Addition sensors can be purchased separately. The sensor is able to detect motion up to 30ft away and it is completely weatherproof. The base can detect signals for up to 1/2 mile if the weather conditions are ideal and it makes a unique sound and provides you with a light pattern dependent on which sensor was triggered. You will need batteries or an AC adaptor to power it. Overall, this best-seller has a 3.8-star rating. Lowest Price On Chamberlain here


Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm

Guardline Wireless AlarmThis alarm is a professional outdoor motions sensor and alert system. It has a 4.4-star rating and it is completely weatherproof. Even people who have a very wide driveway promise that they do not have false alarms. Battery life is between 6 months and a year, depending on how often the alarm sounds. Lowest Price On the Guardline here

Mighty Mule Wireless Driveway Alarm

Mighty Mule Wireless Driveway AlarmThis alarm sounds each time someone enters or exits your driveway. It has an electromagnetic sensor that will not sound off each time an animal or a child walks past. It detects vehicles only. It is a best-selling alarm and holds a steady 4.0-star rating. Lowest Price On Mighty Mule Alarm here


Household Alert Wireless Home Motion Alert

Household AlertWith well over 1,700 reviews, this motion alert system still holds a 3.9-star rating. It can be placed anywhere that you want an alert. It also has a lot of options that you may also consider and has a detecting range of 40ft and an operating range of 800ft. You can add on if you need more. It can work with up to 16 sensors in 4 zones. More about this Motion Alert Sensor Set here⇒