Aleko Paris Swing Gate Review

If you want to make your driveway have more curb appeal and you are interested in having a fence around your yard, you can choose an ornamental gate. This will make your driveway look more interesting to those who pass by, it will increase the security of your home, and more. One manufacturer of decorative gates is Aleko and the Aleko Paris is certainly going to look great anywhere you put it. It is one of the most popular and easily installed swinging gates available. Simply read the Aleko Paris swing gate review to find out why so many people love Aleko.

About The Aleko Paris Swing Gate

The Alko Paris is a wrought iron gate that reaches approximately 8-12’ high at the highest point and 12’ wide. This means it is large enough to keep unwanted guests out and wanted vehicles are able to come inside. It is very durable, corrosion resistant and affordable. It is made of galvanized steel that is black in color and coated with a powder paint. On each side of the gate, you will find 11 pickets that are tall and 11 smaller dog pickets to keep small pets safely inside the yard.

Driveway Swing Gate Installation Ease

This gate was designed for anyone who wants to do it themselves. It comes with two posts and all the required hinges. One of the biggest issues that you may have when installing it is that it is heavy at 480 pounds total when shipped. If you subtract the posts and other stuff, the gate’s sides are still going to be a little heavy, but two people should be able to manage it.

To install, you will need a pair of post hole diggers or the equivalent to set the gates poles down into the ground. Some people may also choose to pour in cement to ensure that the posts do not wiggle over time when they choose this somewhat heavy garden gate for sale. Beyond that, you will need just the most basic tools for tightening hinges and perhaps a level to make sure that everything is straight. Most people say that it can be installed in less than two days, even if you use cement to secure the poles. If you choose to have a gate opener for it, you should add a little extra time to your overall completion.

Other Gate Swing Gate Options

This is one of the best security gates for driveways, but it does not come with a gate opener. However, you can purchase the Aleko swing gate opener, which is fully compatible with it and many people do choose to own an Aleko gate opener. It keeps things simpler to have your entire gate system be from the same manufacturer. It is an automatic gate opener that works with the push of a button so you will not have to get out of your vehicle during bad weather. If you also prefer to stick with Aleko, you can read the gate opener review by visiting here. There are also other gate opening options if you want to take advantage of them and not all customers purchase the opener from Aleko.

Is Aleko Swing Gate, Paris Style, Worth it?

When looking at decorative metal garden gates or farm gates, even if you hope to put them on your driveway, you may worry about how much it is going to cost you. That is one of the things people love about this gate. The wrought iron fence cost, is normally very high. Many people expect to pay #2,000.00 plus for it. The Aleko is available at only $1,167.00 if you purchase it through Amazon. Other websites are also about the same price. Other reasons that people love this gate is the wrought iron style of it and the ease of installation. It is both beautiful and simple to own. There are people who have already had it installed for more than a year and claim that it still looks brand new. They also note that since putting it up, they have had many people complement the style of their gate. One person did receive their gate without the ball bearings and others have had a damaged item sent to them. Both issues were fixed with little effort. It is a gate that is based on hassle free style. How could you possibly go wrong?