Are Wrought Iron Driveway Gates Worth It?

Many people have a fenced in yard around their home. It ensures that stray animals are kept out as well as stray people. It also serves the purpose of keeping children or your own pets from wandering off. They can look like serviceable fences or you can choose to make them look more decorative. However, most people choose to keep the decoration at the gate. Wrought iron is the most popular choice among many, but others wonder, are wrought iron driveway gates worth it?

Why Are Wrought Iron Driveway Gates So Popular?

Wrought iron gates are steel gates that are elaborate and decorative. They have a lot of different designs and all of them are beautifully done. They are often associated with history and wealth. They were popular even back as far as the 13th century. In fact, the wrought iron gates that are used at Westminster Abbey are from that time period.

These fences are versatile and can be used at driveways or any other gated entrance. They can be used as a pool gate or a garden gate. They will look great anywhere and you can choose from a variety of different sizes.

Is Installing A Wrought Iron Gate Worth It?

Wrought iron driveway gates are a popular choice for many because of their style. However, if you want for it to always look great, you do have to maintain the wrought iron fence panels. This may include cleaning, painting, waxing, and repairing issues as soon as you notice them. For some people, this is a lot of effort that they do not have time for, for others, it is simply the things you have to do when you want a beautiful gate. You have to decide whether you are willing to invest the required amount of time and money into a truly, beautiful gate.

How Expensive Are Driveway Gates?

Some people want the elegance of wrought iron driveway gates, but they do not want the price that may come along with owning it. They are expensive because of all the stature that they have held throughout history. Wood, plastic, and aluminum gates are often cheaper alternatives. Once you move beyond the wrought iron to the plastic, you can save money, wood is even cheaper and may save you $10-$20 per foot. When talking about a gate that is an average of 8ft. it adds up quickly. The aluminum gates or chain link fence gates are the cheapest. They all require a certain amount of maintenance if you want to keep them looking great. The good news though is that many of the fence types available that are made of other materials than the wrought iron, can still look beautiful. They can have the same design as a true wrought iron gate without the wrought iron fence cost. They are also lighter in weight, which means that you can have an easier time installing your new gate. This gives people more options than ever when it comes to fencing around their yard. If you still want to keep the wrought iron look, but avoid the price of having it reach across your entrance way, you can choose a cheaper, lighter gate for the driveway and still use smaller iron panels that work for lining flower beds or walkways inside of your yard. You may also have a smaller interior gate that leads into a pool area or a garden that you love.

When it comes to fencing and gates, you have a lot of options. Each one can ensure that you have the elegant driveway entrance that you want, but it does not mean that you have to have the expense or the heaviness of a true wrought iron gate. The best part about this is; no one will have to know that you saved money or chose a lower maintenance fence gate option.

Wrought Iron Fence Gate Ideas

If you are interested in creating a yard that looks amazing from the entrance gate and beyond, you can check out these products below. There are many options and as you can see, not all of them have to cost you a small fortune. However, your price range will be dependent upon how much true wrought iron you want, especially if you choose to line certain walkways and other things within your yard.

Panacea Products Classica Finial Section

Panacea Wrought Iron FenceThis steel fence has a powder coated finish. It is black and must be used with the fence end panel, the fence gate, and the posts. The posts are garden fence posts, the gate measures 28 inches in height, and the end panels are rounded off along the edge that will be closest to the post. Together, it creates a very elegant looking fence that works well in garden areas or driveways. More On Panacea⇒


Plastic Wrought Iron Fence Finial Toppers

Plastic Wrought Iron Fence TypeIf you want to give your wrought iron a new look without spending a fortune, these finial toppers are ideal. You get 25 toppers and each one is a 4-sided spire that is 1/2 inches. This allows you to replace finials that may be broken or damaged. They install easily and look great. All you need is a 1/2-inch square picket. More On Plastic Toppers⇒


Wrought Iron Montebello Edging Panels

Wrought Iron Panel These decorative wrought iron fences are designed to edge around flower beds and walkways, but they can work in a variety of other places that you want to create a unique space. With one purchase you get six pieces of fence and they interlock with ease. They are black with a powder coat finish and look great anywhere within a yard. More On Wrought Iron Panels⇒


Classic Decorate Steel Landscape Border

If you want a truly unique way to line flower beds and walkways, the classic jasmine style border is perfect. It is made of heavy duty steel that fits well in any design. The pieces link easily together and the steel makes it indestructible. Each piece is 18” x 16”. However, you may need to order several if you plan to use them on a large area. More On Decorative Panels⇒